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Street Logic by Steve Sundberg

A novel about homelessness in America

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Steve Sundberg graduated from Emory University and studied psychology at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. For more than twenty years he worked in Boston as a front-line counselor in the field of human services, including five years as a street outreach worker. He lives in south Florida, where he facilitates journal writing workshops in substance-abuse treatment centers.  His recent work is "Sober Diaries", a guided journal with pointers and places to start digging into the core of one's personal story.  He can be contacted at  

"Sundberg's knowledge of street life and the personalities who abide there is clear, convincing and heart-rending. Through the eyes of Axel Hazzard, a gentle and street smart character relying on instinct and compassion, we learn a little more about the problems of the homeless and the stark solutions."

Amy C Collins,  Goodread's Review