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Street Logic by Steve Sundberg

A novel about homelessness in America

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     "This is a wonderful book. It is not like any other novel you will read. I would say it is the literary equivalent of a fly on the wall documentary, a sort of reality literature, where empathy is achieved not through some trick or twist or melodrama but through painstaking attention to detail and brutal honesty.
      It works very subtly, never giving you quite what you expect. It is through the wealth of detail and stories, the slow build up of characters and the terse truthful descriptions that it achieves its ends. It gradually seeped into my consciousness and I put the book down with a greater empathy and regard for the problem of homelessness.
      The author is careful to avoid any preaching - he deliberately withholds any overt commentary until near the end, never telling you what to think and his prose style is perfectly suited to the subject matter. The main character is your self effacing gentle eye into the world of the homeless, and thus I was able to see these men and women not as 'the other', but as me if something were to go wrong in my life. I was moved by their struggles with their demons but also the struggles of the outreach workers, shelter staff, nurses, doctors etc, as they are trying to help them."

Henry Shawdon. Goodread's Review