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Street Logic by Steve Sundberg

A novel about homelessness in America

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There is no magic in the alleys and streets of Boston.  This is where Axel Hazzard embarks on a quest to find enlightenment, truth and answers, in the places where the question cuts deepest: What can America do for its most vulnerable citizens?

"The (straight) answer to any fool who says you can't use 'fiction' to tell the truth.  Proof that before you can pass it on, you have to pass through it.  A beautiful tightrope walk over a true hell on earth...a tightrope you can't walk with your eyes closed."
Andrew Vachss, author of the Burke Series and more

"The most closely observed, emotionally charged account of American homelessness I know.  This portrait of the men and women who live on the streets of Boston in all seasons and despite the best efforts of outreach workers to help them will leave any thoughtful reader wondering both why we let this happen and how we could stop it from happening."

Christopher Jencks, Harvard University, author of The Homeless 

"Steve Sundberg is an impassioned writer with a heart of gold and his prose is a testament to that.  His stories are written with a Bukowski-inspired honesty, and absolute compassion for his characters.  You won't just learn about working with the homeless when you read Street Logic - you'll learn about being a human being."

Layne Mosler, author of Driving Hungry

"Street Logic, written with clarity, humanity and compassion, shows how it truly is in the daily life and death struggles for some of the fascinating individuals who comprise our nation's 'Botton 1%'.  This is a 'Band of Brothers' kind of story."

Mary McLaughlin, PhD 

Available in paper back and at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  NOW on Kindle and Nook for 99 cents and all other e-readers.